Why Kao

Reasons to outsource your infrastructure to Kao Data Campus

Industry leading efficiency – With our brand new state-of-the-art, carrier neutral and efficient data centres we offer a PUE of 1.2
Maximised uptime – architected for concurrent maintainability, the advanced engineering infrastructure design features a reduced number of components for improved data centre reliability with fewer system failures and higher availability at the server, storage and network device.
Full Compliance – the first UK data centre to fully meet ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines (2011 and 2015) including ISA 71.04 (2013)to mitigate gaseous contamination for increased reliability and availability.
Connectivity – We provide a carrier neutral service allowing our customers to chose their preferred network provider. This gives our customers flexibility to choose the most beneficial contracts for themost direct routes and at the best possible price.
 Scalability and room-to-grow – The biggest customer colocation footprint in the region with availability today and on-going development and build-outs to ensure your operations can scale.
 Location, location, location  – as the crow flies distances of below 20 miles to docklands and below 30 miles to Slough M4 corridor.
 State-of-the-Art facilities  – data centres designed with a minimum of N+1 redundancy in our power and cooling infrastructure, which is constantly monitored by our facilities team and our NOC via our resilient BMS (Building Management System). We are therefore able to give you industry-leading SLA’s up to 99.999 %.
 Best-Practice Deployment Programme  – data centres are built and operated according to “Best Practices” and according to Tier III (Up Time Institute)
 Security  – Different layers of 24/7 security both physical and non-physical, to suit customers requirements.
 CustomersFirst Attitude  – We welcome customer interaction and try to accommodate any request our customers may have through our flexible attitude and “can do” mentality.
 High density solutions  – Kao Data Campus is one of the few companies in the region that can actually deliver requirements of high-power density deployments up to 20 kW.
 Customer Support  – We offer support to our customers by a multilingual team offering technical assistance day and night.
 Operation Expertise  -Kao Data Campus delivers industry-leading operational expertise, standard compliance and best-in-class physical security.

Campus & Building

4x Data Centre
4x Technology Suites per Data Centre
4x MMR’s per Data Centre
Concurrently maintainable infrastructure
Customer storage & office space
Loading dock
De-box room
15kN/m2 structural floor loadings
5000kg goods lift
Passenger lift
Highly Interconnected campus
Logistically designed to accommodate
58U racks
1768 racks per data centre and 442 racks
per data hall


UKPN utility supply capacity 43.5MVA
2N 11kV site -wide redundant power distribution
N+111kV generator redundancy
24 or 48 hour diesel fuel storage
Technology Suites IT Capacity: 2175kW
2N active -active power distribution to racks
Data Centre IT Capacity: 8700kW
N+1 distributed redundant static UPS topology
2.56kW/m2 power density to technical space
5 minutes minimum battery autonomy


Compliant with ASH RE Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments (2011 & 2015)
Compliant with ASH RAE Extreme Maximum WB and N=20 DB Temperatures
G4 & F7 pressurisation unit filtration standard
Compliant with ISA 71.04 – 2013 gaseous contamination standards
Contained hot aisle solution
Cooling infrastructure design delta -t: 12°K
N+2 Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC) Units
24 hour process water storage

Fire & Security

Comprehensive physical and electronic security
Double -knock water -mist fire suppression system
Optional VESDA systems

Human Interface

Power monitoring systems (PMS)
Energy monitoring systems (EMS)
Building management systems (BMS)
Data Centre Infrastructure Management (Dam)
Dynamic Feedback Customer Portal

Energy & Sustainability

BREEAM ‘Excellent’
Best -in -class PUE (<1.2), WUE, CUE
100% Green Power Available