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From day one, customer focus has been of paramount importance to the entire Kao Data team from our reception and security staff at our campus entrance, to our leadership team developing and managing the data centre.

Central to our efforts is our Network Operations Center (NOC) which provides a single point of contact for all our customers. The NOC supports all level 1 and most level 2 customer queries. Level 3 issues are directed to the customer’s hosting service, or our NOC team can introduce customers to onsite hosting services that can deal with Level 3 issues.

Constant monitoring of the building and power management systems (BMS/PMS) ensures that all deviations and issues are flagged and investigated immediately. Together with our planned preventative maintenance regime, we are continually minimising risk and maximising the resilience within the facility.

Kao Data Campus customer support includes:

For more information and to discuss how our customer support teams can help you, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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