Data Centre - Cooling System

Kao Data’s first data centre at our Harlow campus - KDL1, is the 1st UK multi-tenant data centre to provide 100% free-cooling.

Hot IT server exhaust air is drawn away from the technical space and passes through a specially designed series of heat exchangers, transferring and expelling the heat from the warm technical space to the outside air without any external air entering the building.

The implementation of a refrigerant free cooling design - which reduces both carbon dioxide and harmful fluorinated gas emissions – meets the stringent ASHRAE TC 9.9 environmental guidelines and delivers a PUE of 1.2 even at partial loads.

KDL1 is also one of the first data centres in Europe to implement the monitoring of gaseous contaminates within the technical space, providing the assurance that customer server and storage warranties are never put at risk.

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