Data Centres At Risk from Airborne Contamination

  |   Kao News

Paul Finch, COO at Kao Data and Chris Muller, Technical Director at Purafil Filtration Group, co-authored an article published by DatacenterDynamics entitled: Dealing with Airborne Contamination.

“This highly technical subject is of key importance as it has a relationship with information technology equipment reliability. Well informed customers recognise that maintaining gaseous and particulate environmental standards within the data centre are explicitly referred to within all of the major server manufactures’ warranties. Working with Purafil, Kao Data are able to dynamically and continuously monitor contamination reassuring customers their equipment warranties will never be put at risk” says Paul.

Data centers, from initial build to refit are dynamic environments. Critical engineering infrastructure upgrades, total equipment change-out, and even simply opening doors or entering or exiting a white space provide opportunities to introduce airborne contaminants. These contaminants can affect electronic equipment, corroding contacts and reducing capabilities to failure point, which can result in costly data center outages. A vital first step is monitoring the  quality of the air within the facility.

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