Cooling System

Data Centre Cooling & Environmental Monitoring

KDL1 is the first wholesale colocation facility in the UK to use Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC). IEC indirectly uses outdoor air to cool warm inside air. Hot IT server exhaust air is drawn away from the technical space and passes through a specially designed series of heat exchangers. The heat from the warm technical space is then transferred to the outside air and expelled without any of the outside air entering the building – removing the threat from air pollution hazards such as smoke, airborne salts and other harmful chemical compounds.

KDL1 is one of the first data centres in Europe to implement the monitoring of gaseous contaminates within the technical space, reducing the risk of harmful airborne components – which left undetected, can significantly contribute to circuit board corrosion and the potential failure of IT equipment.

The IEC system has the flexibility to deliver stable efficiency at low workloads as well as scale for maximum utilisation at times of peak load. The use of IEC with no mechanical refrigeration meets ASHRAE TC 9.9 environmental guidelines to deliver an ultra-low PUE <1.2 even at partial load.


Cert No. 16950 EMS-001, ISO 14001:2015
Cert No. 16950 OHS-001, ISO 45001:2018
Cert No. 16950 QMS-001, ISO 19001:2015
Cert No. 16950 ISN-001, ISO 27001:2013

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