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OCP-Ready® accreditation puts Kao Data London One facility at the leading edge of UK Open Compute Ready data centres

Open ComputeKao Data is a proud member of the Open Compute Project (OCP) Data Centre Facility Working Group, and having achieved compliance, the first facility on the campus – KDL1 is one of the first European data centres to achieve OCP-Ready® status.

After more than a year’s work with the OCP, Kao Data has successfully self-audited against OCP’s checklist for compliance. To ensure compliance, a facility provider must perform an assessment of its facility using an OCP Scorecard, which was presented for verification by the Data Centre Facility (DCF) Project Community and the Incubation Committee.

Welcoming the verification of its OCP-Ready® status Gerard Thibault, CTO at Kao Data said, “The collective experience of Kao Data is that hyperscale data centres are some of the most efficient facilities available today. Recognising this, we planned and developed our first facility and campus to meet OCP Equipment Set requirements.”

The KDL1 facility met the Optimum Standard for OCP Data Centre Facility Project, and achieved OCP compliance across all five functional areas within the data centre that the OCP Pilot programme scrutinises. KDL1 reached over 75% in the ‘Optimum’ category, meaning that the systems go beyond the base requirement, ensuring compliance with emerging standards.

The DCF Project developed its OCP Colocation Facility Guidelines and Checklist in collaboration with the OCP Community to help colocation facility providers understand the unique requirements of OCP racks, power, and hardware.

The Open Compute Project Foundation is a rapidly growing, global community whose mission is to design, use, and enable mainstream delivery of the most efficient designs for scalable computing. Openly sharing ideas, specifications, and other intellectual property is the key to maximizing innovation and reducing complexity in tech components. The Open Compute Project Foundation provides a structure in which individuals and organizations can share their intellectual property with others and encourage the IT industry to evolve.

Kao Data is a listed Solution Provider on the OCP Marketplace.


Cert No. 16950 EMS-001, ISO 14001:2015
Cert No. 16950 OHS-001, ISO 45001:2018
Cert No. 16950 QMS-001, ISO 19001:2015
Cert No. 16950 ISN-001, ISO 27001:2013

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