Power System

Kao Data Campus provides a sustainable and resilient environment that can both meet and exceed the increasing density demands of today’s servers. Designed to accommodate organisations both large and small, Kao Data Campus is designed to support an ITE load of 35MW across 150,000 sq. ft. of technical space, powered by 100% renewable energy.

A maximum capacity of 43.5 MVA supplied from UK Power Networks (UKPN) national grid substation, Harlow West Grid, is delivered to the campus via a 5km route. Located within the perimeter of the campus, the dedicated on site substation (33kV/11kV) with redundant radial circuits and transformers, ensures that no single point of failure exists from the grid to the rack level. Each of the four individual data centres incorporated into the overall design of campus benefit from 2 fully redundant, circa 11MVA, powers supplies from 2 of the 3 11kv feeders in the onsite substation and are supported by N+1 gensets.

The end-to-end supply conforms to security supply standard P2/6 and provides an N+1 level of resilience and redundancy throughout. The highly resilient infrastructure design allows Kao Data to offer 100% availability in respect of the service level agreement (SLA).

N+1 diesel generators support the KDL1 facility; dedicated tanks ensure operation at full load for 12 hours, and up to a maximum of 48 hours without refueling. Priority refueling contacts and regular testing ensure emergency back-up if needed.


Cert No. 16950 EMS-001, ISO 14001:2015
Cert No. 16950 OHS-001, ISO 45001:2018
Cert No. 16950 QMS-001, ISO 19001:2015
Cert No. 16950 ISN-001, ISO 27001:2013

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