Security & Monitoring

Kao Data Centre Security

Physical security and access control at the Kao Data Campus

Kao Data Campus physical security combines the strict enforcement of policies for access and authorization with the industry’s highest level of physical security and monitoring. Across all campus facilities, security systems have been deployed to provide the highest levels of protection to infrastructure and data assets.

Bounded by a 3m-perimeter fence, fitted with tremble detection and motion detection software, Kao Data Campus is a controlled access site with all entry onto the campus and data centre facilities controlled and logged. The external areas are covered by a comprehensive CCTV system, utilising multiple PTZ cameras with each external location provided with supplementary background IR lighting for low light and night-time conditions.

Physical access controls across Kao Data Campus include:

Campus perimeter fencing
Data centre security fencing
Vehicle barriers
Bi-folding speed gates
Pedestrian turnstiles

Strict Security Policies

Access badges for authorized personnel are strictly controlled, visitors to Kao Data Campus have their identification verified before entry is permitted. Access within the KDL1 facility, beyond the main reception area includes authenticated mantrap entry, access cards, biometric verification and unique security codes. Security procedures to the Technology Suite area include a further three-step security process of access card, biometric authentication and unique security codes.

For customers with specific compliance and governance requirements Kao Data offers bespoke access, physical security and monitoring solutions.


Cert No. 16950 EMS-001, ISO 14001:2015
Cert No. 16950 OHS-001, ISO 45001:2018
Cert No. 16950 QMS-001, ISO 19001:2015
Cert No. 16950 ISN-001, ISO 27001:2013

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