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Hyperscale Inspired, Getting Ready for OCP – Kao Data in the News

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Gerard Thibault, CTO at Kao Data, was recently interviewed by Louise Frampton, editor of Mission Critical Power, about the company’s involvement with the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP). The Kao Data London One data centre has been going through the process of becoming approved to OCP Ready standard – a credential which will be fully and officially recognised once Gerard has presented at the forthcoming Open Compute Regional Summit.

“Hyperscale data centres have gained benefit from adopting OCP technology and is increasingly a topic of conversation with potential customers at Kao Data,” Gerard told the magazine. “Although initially an IT hardware driven concept, OCP has very real physical requirements from the data centre building itself… (Kao) can provide a data centre in which these OCP solutions sit comfortably.”

The OCP Data Centre Facility (DCF) project was developed to maximise the mechanical performance, and thermal and electrical efficiency of Open Compute Project servers. Kao Data is the first data centre in Europe – and one of only two global facilities – to have gone through this process. According to Mission Critical Power, colocation spaces that can meet the demands of OCP will help cascade its benefits and become increasingly important.

The Kao Data London One data centre meets OCP objectives around efficiency. The facility utilises indirect evaporative cooling (IEC) with no mechanical refrigeration to meet Ashrae TC 9.9 environmental standards and delivers an ultra-low PUE <1.2 even at partial load. Thibault points out that there are other energy efficiency benefits associated with OCP design.

“With an OPC rack, access to the servers is from the front; as you do not need to access the back, you can drive up the hot aisle temperatures, which is much more efficient. Open Compute is about driving cost efficiencies – not just in terms of capex for the servers and racks, but also in terms of opex; they are trying to get people to realise that servers are quite happy operating in an environment that may stray up to 30oC, for a couple of hours per day – when it is warm. Historically, data centres tried to keep the data hall like a fridge and this costs money.” 

To find out more about Kao Data and its OCP journey, see the story online at Mission Critical Power


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