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Kao Data meeting the data centre challenges as the Broadcast industry goes digital

The media and broadcast industry is undergoing fundamental changes that will require modern data centre infrastructure at the core of the technology stack, from traditional broadcasters, content creators, and media owners to internet native digital video companies.

Historically broadcast has been a one to many medium, however the emergence of Internet subscription video, on demand players such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, the market for entertainment, sports and news has shifted dramatically to a one to one model where everything from the product to partnerships to monetisation is shifting to digital. One industry forecast estimates that within three years 20% of all data inside data centres will be digital video, while the volume of video leaving global data centres will amount to 80% of all data.

In this new competitive landscape all players require the most modern, efficient and cost-effective data centre locations for their content and connectivity.

New Standards

In parallel to the new market realities a fundamental reason for the move into the data centre is the shift that is happening at an engineering level. Traditional broadcaster technology stacks have been built over decades on proprietary engineering standards. They are undergoing a transformation away from the current Serial Digital Interface standard (SDi). Industry standards bodies have ratified the move to IP for all production, management, delivery and distribution of content. The production, storage, archiving, and play out of all content will happen in the data centre.

The need for high performance physical infrastructure to host and transport bigger digital packets, such as HD 4k video – soon to be 8k – can only be served through modern, efficient infrastructure. This transformation is already underway, but won’t happen overnight. Broadcasters need to untether themselves from legacy technology as they seek to engage new business models. They must make the right investment decisions in order to grow and scale into new digital infrastructure platforms. As broadcasters and production houses seek new technology platforms on which to base their business, they require engineering expertise and discipline to migrate to new environments.

New Data Models

The need to collect and analyse consumer data is one of the key drivers of this migration. Changing consumer behaviour in content consumption across multiple devices, engagement and even commercial interaction is creating greater opportunities in the targeting of new services and products. For broadcasters, new data centre-based cloud and multi-cloud platforms will be used to manage these new workloads.

As part of the Kao Data Campus, Kao Data London One backed by on site engineering expertise and flexible engagement offerings, provides the perfect deployment ready environment for broadcast, media, entertainment and the cloud connected ecosystems that are underpinning new content value propositions.

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