Other Services

Metered power service – enables customers to monitor load levels in real-time, avoid potential PDU overloads, whilst allowing reliable, rack-mounted, multi-outlet, single or three-phase, power distribution and additional equipment to be connected safely.
Office space – we offer (furnished) office space to our customers who need to house permanent staff on-site.
Storage space – all customers can utilise temporary storage space for delivery of goods prior to installation. For our customers requiring storage space for a longer period, permanent storage facilities are available.
Parking space – parking spaces are available for customers. It is also possible to have dedicated reserved parking spaces for individual employees.
Reservation Space (colocation) – it is not always possible to predict your short-term data centre requirements. We therefore offer a reserved space option in the data centre to ensure all of your systems are located together as you grow.
Data cabling – Kao Data Campus can provide all of our customers’ cabling requirements, whether between their own racks or as part of cable runs to other areas within the site. Our engineers are experienced in large cabling infrastructures and utilise the latest installation equipment and testing and labelling with fibre, copper and UTP.
Installation services – Kao Data Campus can assist with customer installation works, including cabinets, servers, communications systems, cablings, DPU and security systems.
Antenna space – where approved, we offer roof or other spaces for locating antennas and communications dishes for external communications links.
Tape or disc handling – where our customers require physical data storage we offer back-up, store and restore within the individual customer agreements.