Power System

Kao Data Campus offers a high capability environment for organisations large and small that require up to HPC and proximity to London. With the increasing power demands of today’s servers, our customers require higher density solutions to accommodate the power usage and cooling of their rack-based systems. The data centres are configured to provide up to 20kW per rack, with the infrastructure to match that capability:

Availability of electricity: up to 99.999%
Back-up N+1 diesel generators, dedicated tanks ensuring operation at full load for at least 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hrs, with priority refuelling contracts in place
UPS – two independent (redundant) power supply systems available for a minimum of 5 minutes (at power failure)
230V and 400V power supply options are available with independent phases to a customer’s rented space
The protection of customer equipment against over-voltage

Our power protection system enables us to guarantee industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) backed by robust Service Performance Guarantees (SPGs). This power spectrum allows Kao Data Campus to tailor the power configuration to meet the wide range of different demands that customers may have, whether they require a Technology Suite, Technology Cell or Rack service.

The 43.5MVA maximum capacity of power is supplied to the Kao Data Campus from the UK Power Networks (UKPN) national grid substation Harlow West Grid. The power is delivered via a 5km route comprising of three 33kV circuits each supplying a 33/11kV transformer rated at 30MVA. The transformers are located within the security demise of Kao Data Campus.

The UKPN infrastructure 11kV serves to Kao Data 11kV primary campus network including 2N 11kV supplies to each of the four data centre buildings. Upstream of the UKPN Harlow West Grid substation is connected to Rye House Bulk Supply Point, which is a National Grid 400kV site forming part of the National Grid.

The end-to-end supply conforms with the Security Supply standard P2/6 and provides a N+1 level of resilience and redundancy throughout; there is no single point of failure on the Kao Data Campus network nor that of UKPN. Thus for the loss of a single circuit or item of equipment there is no loss of supply to the Kao Data site even before consideration is given to further redundancy provided by the N+1 11kV generator scheme supporting each individual data centre.