Power Usage Effectiveness

Why low PUE remains essential to counter-balance rising energy costs.

Every business across the United Kingdom is feeling the crunch of rising energy costs. Now, more than ever, businesses are looking to maximise efficiencies as one strategy to keep energy costs down.

At a time of volatility in the energy markets, power usage effectiveness (PUE) can have a starring role to play. Data centre operators with a lower PUE can help customers mitigate the pain of rising energy costs.

In our new whitepaper, we’ll take a deeper look at what PUE is, how it’s being used today and why it may be a more relevant tool than ever before.

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Reduce your PUE with Kao Data!

Kao Data is proud to operate some of the UK's most energy efficient data centres. Here's how we ensure our design PUE is as low as 1.2:

Design Excellence - Award winning architecture and data halls designed and modelled to accommodate industrial scale deployments within an ultra-efficient environment.

Cool Engineering - We were the UK’s 1st free-cooling multi-tenant data centre, meeting the stringent ASHRAE TC 9.9 environmental guidelines.

Efficiency Guaranteed - Our genuinely low PUE levels are SLA-backed so you know your compute's power savings are guaranteed.

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