Remote Hands

For routine, out-of-hours or emergency assistance, Kao Data Campus offers its Remote Hands Service, which offers our customers access to onsite engineers to investigate and complete a range of agreed tasks remotely within their own rack space.

Remote Hands Service includes:

On-site technical assistance
Visual verification to assist remote troubleshooting efforts
Power reboots
Diagnostic and signal testing for cross connection circuits
Moving or securing cables
Inventorying and labelling equipment
Relaying status of equipment, status indicators
Typing simple commands on a pre-installed customer-owned console
Installing, replacing/removing hot swappable or modular equipment components
Inspection, acceptance, notification and storage of incoming shipments
Assisting customers with physical installation, relocation or movement of equipment
Service Level Objective:
Technician available 24/7/365
Ticketing priority – as agreed in customer SLA