Security & Monitoring

Our customers receive the highest level of physical and digital security for their equipment, systems and data. Physical security breaches are as threatening to systems and data security as any cyber hack. The Kao Data Campus is characterised by multiple layers of security developed to offer customers campus-wide, industry leading systems and processes through:

Continuous monitoring of the data centre, internally and externally, via a CCTV system
Continuous protection of the facility by uniformed guards and an ESS (Electronic Security System)
Campus and data centre partition into security zones through which movement is controlled using personal electronic access-control system
Security procedures that include, authorisation, authentication, access control (for staff and customers), as well as a maintenance-access policy

The Kao Data Campus is a controlled access site and entry to the data centres is further controlled and logged. There are several layers of access, incorporating a combination of campus perimeter fencing, data centre security fencing, vehicle barriers, bi-folding speed gates and pedestrian turnstiles, customers’ authorised employees who regularly visit the data centres receive a permanent access badge.

Each customer assigns one or more employees the ability to authorise access for individuals who may need to enter the Kao Data Campus occasionally. On entering the data centre, each visitor’s identity is verified by Kao Data Campus staff. Customers can additionally contract enhanced security systems to cater for specific industry or government requirements.