Cloud & Connectivity

Whether your compute is science and research focused, fintech or data-intensive AI workloads, we have the correct connectivity and on-ramps into the cloud, to keep you ahead of the curve.

Our Network

Our carrier neutral data centres are ideally positioned to the east and west of London with high-density, ultra-low latency fibre routes. These provide connectivity into the city, and onwards into international Tier 1 markets. Via Harlow we also uniquely provide access to the diverse USA – Dublin - Amsterdam route, without needing to cross London.

For the research and scientific communities prevalent within the Cambridge-London 'UK Innovation Corridor', we provide access to the super-fast Janet network, linking our Harlow campus with thousands of research institutes and science parks both locally and globally.

On-Net Connectivity Partners

World-class fibre providers that support Kao Data across our platform include:

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Console Connected!

Kao Data has partnered with Console Connect to deploy its Software Defined Interconnection platform at our Harlow campus. Console Connect provides our clients with:

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Cloud Access

Through our on-net connectivity partners, Kao Data provides fast, seamless and dedicated on-ramps into all the leading international hyperscale and Tier 2 cloud providers:

Megaport Enabled!

Kao Data’s Harlow campus is connected to Megaport - a leading Software Defined Network (SDN) provider, who provide our clients with:

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Low Latency Connections to the World

From Harlow

Our Harlow campus, the computing home for some of the UK's most cutting-edge science and research enjoys excellent, low-latency connectivity to the world (RTDs):

  • London City - 1.55ms
  • London Docklands - 1.42ms
  • Park Royal (London) - 1.81ms
  • Cambridge - 1ms
  • Oxford - 2.5ms
  • Frankfurt - 11.75ms
  • Amsterdam - 6.6ms
  • Paris - 7.33ms
  • New York - 70.3ms
  • San Francisco - 137.3ms

From Slough

Our Slough data centre (KLON-06) in the heart of Europe's busiest data centre community has rapid, low-latency connectivity to a host of international hubs (RTDs):

  • London City - 1.67ms
  • London Docklands - 1.46ms
  • Park Royal (London) - 1.94ms
  • Cambridge - 2ms
  • Oxford - 1ms
  • Frankfurt - 11.73ms
  • Amsterdam - 6.7ms
  • Paris - 7.56ms
  • New York - 70.24ms
  • San Francisco - 137.25ms

Need Assistance?

Kao Data's dedicated connectivity specialist, Mark Putt, is available to answer any questions around the fibre connections at our sites, bandwidths, latencies and the options we have to ease your connectivity issues.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch via:

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