Kao Data is one of few data centre operators in the UK engineered to specifically cater for advanced supercomputing and high performance computing (HPC) deployments, as well as intensive forms of AI and machine learning.

With scalable, state-of-the-art architecture capable of supporting the most sophisticated customer infrastructure demands, and specialist HPC expertise - we’re your ideal home for HPC and AI.

Technology Pod

Our innovative Technology Pod is specifically designed for HPC and GPU-accelerated AI, machine learning and financial grid computing. Designed to meet the challenge of high-density applications the Technology Pod integrates direct dialectic liquid cooling technologies to deliver economically superior outcomes in terms of power utilisation and energy efficiency resulting in reduced TCO. Offering rack densities of up to 80kW across a smaller data centre footprint, the Kao Data Technology Pod represents a step-change in HPC infrastructure.



Technology Suite

Large and industrial scale HPC customers can also make use of our Technology Suites for requirements of 1100kW or 2200kW. Each format is deployed across either 4,500 or 9,000 sq ft of OCP-Ready® column free, technical space and supports a variety of high density configurations in a dedicated environment.

Technology Suites provide a highly scalable and industry-leading colocation solution that meets or exceeds the operational efficiency of many existing hyperscale facilities.




Interested to find out more about the data centre and campus?

We’ve outlined key resource cards on the design, features and operational procedures of the Kao Data campus and our first data centre – KDL1. Flick through and find out more.

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