Sir Charles Kao

The site in Harlow on which Kao Data Campus now stands has long been synonymous with innovation and discovery.

As far back as the 1940’s it was used by Alec Reeves as the birthplace of his wartime navigation system OBOE, whilst for many years it was home to the main research laboratory of UK telecoms pioneer Standard Telephones and Cables Company.

During that period, the site also witnessed one of the most significant technological breakthroughs of the post-war era and an innovation which gave birth to the digital, hyper-connected world we all now take for granted.

Sir Charles Kao and George Hockhams invention of fibre optic cable in 1966 changed the world of optical communications forever and paved the way for a host of modern technology, including broadband internet. The discovery was so significant that Sir Charles Kao was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2009, and knighted by her Majesty the Queen in 2010. Forever remembered as the “father of fibre optics”, Sir Charles Kao passed away in 2018.

Today, Kao Data Campus is home to Kao Data London One (KDL1), a state-of-art data centre facility that has achieved industry wide acclaim for its innovative design and engineering capabilities.

The immortalization of Sir Charles Kao’s incredible achievements in naming the campus after him is part of Kao Data’s commitment to build on his pioneering legacy and ensures the campus’ position as the home of technological innovation for many years to come.

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