Data Centres and Sustainability

Reducing big data's carbon footprint

In an astonishingly short space of time, data centres have become the underlying infrastructure behind our everyday lives and our insatiable demand for data.

As a society we’ve become entirely reliant on the benefits they provide, often overlooking their carbon footprint and subsequent impact on global warming.

Download our new whitepaper for more information on the role data centres can play within a sustainable environment.

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Go Green With Kao Data!

Looking to reduce your compute's carbon footprint? Kao Data is proud to operate one of the UK's most sustainable and energy efficient data centres:

100% Renewable Energy - Data centres supplied with reliable, scalable power from 100% renewable sources.

Cool Engineering - We're the UK’s 1st 100% free-cooling multi-tenant data centre, meeting the stringent ASHRAE TC 9.9 environmental guidelines.

Efficiency as Standard - Architecture built to BREEAM "Excellence" standards, and operating at 1.2 PUE - keeping your servers lean and green.

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Sustainability Whitepaper

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Climate Neutral Data Center Pact

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