26 Jul 2022

Kao Data Shares Designs for its First ‘Desert Data Centre’ in Collaboration with the Kao Academy

26 July, 2022 - London, United Kingdom - Kao Data, the specialist developer and operator of high-performance data centres for enterprise, cloud, HPC and AI, has shared plans for its first desert data centre, working in collaboration with the Kao Academy to create an ultra-secure facility that incorporates advanced sustainability, biodiversity and energy efficiency features.

The design was chosen as the winner of its Kao Academy competition, which challenged 7–11-year-olds to design their very own data centre. Working in partnership with both the Cambridge Science Centre and schools across the Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Essex areas, key-stage 2 students were invited to submit innovative data centre designs to win £150 worth of LEGO.

Created by 11-year-old Jasmine Wales from Ely, Cambridgeshire, the winning ‘Desert Data Centre’ design incorporates pioneering sustainability features, including a condensation pit to harvest water for the building, one way glass to reduce the amount of energy needed to power the facility, and solar panels to make it more energy efficient. Jasmine’s clever design will also encourage greater biodiversity, with living walls to provide a home for nature, while at the same time reducing heat levels inside the facility.

Above: 11-year old Jasmine Wales with her winning data centre design.

On the external sides of the data centre, first of its kind security measures include spiky cacti to stop intruders entering the building. Should they manage to navigate those tricky plants, they’re faced with an industry-first snake-pit which circles the perimeter of the data centre! Security cameras and biometric technologies also deliver a third layer of security, ensuring that anyone trying to battle through the cacti and snakes will be caught on video!

“I have seen lots of new buildings which are full of concrete and have no space for nature, so I wanted my design to help wildlife and the environment,” said Jasmine Wales. “I chose the desert as it’s an interesting idea and so that I can add some features for that location, like the solar panels and snake pit! I’m very passionate about sustainability, and we are all part of nature and shouldn’t make, build, or do things that would harm it. My design includes lots of ways to offset the impact that a data centre could have on the environment.”

“We loved Jasmine’s design for her desert data centre. Not only had she tailored the data centre to fit within the hot, dry surroundings, but she had also shown how she could use the desert’s own unique climate and ecology to better power and protect the facility," said Adam Nethersole, VP, Kao Data. “It’s the perfect combination of a futuristic data centre development being designed and built in-harmony with its natural surroundings, and the snake-pit is a touch of genius!”

Created in collaboration with Cambridge Science Centre, an independent, educational charity, the Kao Academy is an industry-first science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) resource, designed to engage primary and early secondary school-aged children with the purpose and role of a data centre. First launched in May 2022, it provides educational resources to help teach children aged 7-11 about the role of a data centre, how they are designed, engineered, and constructed, and explain their relevance to our everyday lives.

Above: Jasmine's winning design

STEM subjects have long been synonymous with the data centre industry and children who excel in STEM are expected to play a key role in the growth of the UK digital economy. Through the Kao Academy, Kao Data aims to engage the next generation of Key Stage 2 technology enthusiasts like Jasmine, and encourage them to take an active interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

For more information about the Kao Academy please visit - https://www.kaodata.com/kaoacademy


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