Facilitating three, carrier neutral data centres, Kao Data provides access to high-speed, secure and resilient connectivity via multiple major networks.

Whether your compute is research and science focused, fintech or high capacity artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads, we have the correct connectivity to keep you ahead of the curve.

Kao Data welcomes Megaport

Kao Data Ramps-Up Hyperscale Cloud Connectivity at our London East (Harlow) data centre by Partnering with Megaport.

Partnership further expands customer choices for low-latency, high-performance connectivity to cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

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On-Net Providers

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Network Connectivity

Our carrier neutral data centres to the east and west of London connect the USA as well as European Tier 1 markets of London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin, in addition to direct connectivity to the Equinix LD5 facility in Slough, and Telehouse in London Docklands.

For the research and scientific communities prevalent within the Cambridge-London 'UK Innovation Corridor', we provide access to the super-fast Janet network, linking our London East (Harlow) data centre with thousands of research institutes and science parks both locally and globally

Connectivity, Peering & Dark Fibre

euNetworks’s Super Highway 1 lowers latency and links, from Dublin, via submarine cable, to Southport, then on to Manchester, London Metro (via Kao Data), Lowestoft and Amsterdam.

Kao Data’s partnership with Ai Networks and London Internet Exchange (LINX) provides peering through the LINX network and offers access to over 820 member ASN’s from over 75 countries. LINX members located on the campus benefit from improved routing control, increased capacity and redundancy, as well as the capability to peer with LINX’s global membership and its dual peering LANs, LON1 and LON2.

Through Lumen Kao Data is connected to one of the UK and Europe's premium networks offering 450,000 miles of fibre and connecting Kao Data directly to 150,000 on-net businesses and organisations. Our London East (Harlow) campus also benefits from a Megaport connection for rapid on-ramps.

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Greater London Hyperscale Connectivity

Connectivity exists between strategic data centre facilities with established hyperscale cloud deployments:

  • NTT Gyron (Hemel Hempstead) 61km - RTD 0.65ms (Planned)
  • Colt London 3 (Welwyn) 35km - RTD 0.4ms (euNet estimate)

Dark fibre exists between the UK connectivity rich data centre interconnection hubs including Slough, Hayes and Docklands:

  • Telehouse East (Docklands) 63.5km - RTD 0.8ms (euNet estimate)
  • Equinix LD9 (Powergate, Hayes) 79.8km - RTD 0.95ms (euNet estimate)
  • Equinix LD5 (Slough) 123km - RTD 1.35ms (euNet estimate)

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