Kao Data’s colocation expertise is built on decades of experience providing customers with flexibility across the infrastructure layer and removing inefficiencies to create hyperscale inspired data centre solutions.

These benefits and advantages, historically associated with global hyperscale facilities, are available to Kao Data’s customers of all shapes and sizes. Find out how we can help you below.

Technology Cell

Our Technology Cell provides up to 34 racks in a uniform layout and is capable of delivering up to 350kW in a contained hot aisle solution. This efficient format enables uniform IT inlet temperatures and eliminates hot spots for more predictable and reliable IT operations, whilst operating within ASHRAE standard working temperatures. A cage service as well as dedicated biometric verification locks and CCTV can be added to provide additional layers of private security.



Technology Suite

Our Technology Suites are designed to accommodate large and industrial scale customer requirements of 1100kW or 2200kW. Each format is deployed across either 4,500 or 9,000 sq ft of OCP-Ready® column free, technical space.

Technology Suites provide a dedicated room with its own fire zone delivering a highly scalable and industry-leading colocation solution that meets or exceeds the operational efficiency of many existing hyperscale facilities.




Interested to find out more about the data centre and campus?

We’ve outlined key resource cards on the design, features and operational procedures of the Kao Data campus and our first data centre – KDL1. Flick through and find out more.

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