Kao Data leads the industry in pioneering the development and operation of data centres engineered for AI and advanced computing. With our Harlow campus the home for a variety of mission-critical HPC deployments - we are the UK’s number one choice for power-intensive, high density, GPU-powered computing.

Our NVIDIA DGX-Ready technical spaces provide AI and HPC customers with a customisable, scalable and sustainable compute environment, backed by a guarantee of 100% uptime.

If you are working with HPC for science, research and academia, we're also a Jisc approved partner and you can enjoy easy, hassle-free deployments within our facilities. Download our Jisc whitepaper for more details.

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Powering modern Machine Learning research and development requires an advanced computing infrastructure which only becomes more demanding as you scale. Kao Data was the obvious choice for us as the best AI and HPC data centre operator in the UK.

Will Williams, VP Machine Learning, Speechmatics

Why Kao Data?

High Density Compute

Whether it's 40kW air-cooled, or 100kW liquid cooled, our NVIDIA DGX-Ready suites cater for the most demanding assignments.

AI & HPC Expertise

We deployed the UK’s most powerful supercomputer in 20 weeks, during the pandemic. No challenge is too big for us.

100% Uptime

Life-critical research or quant analysis before the financial markets open? Kao Data guarantee 100% uptime, all-the-time.

Cloud Native

With rapid on-ramps into all major cloud providers, we can make your hybrid AI and HPC ambitions a reality.


All our AI and HPC deployments are powered by 100% renewable energy and backed by 100% HVO fuel.

Future Focused

Liquid cooled hardware? GPU-accelerated workloads? Pioneering quantum computing? Join a data centre that's engineering the future of compute.

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Your (Harlow) data centre looked smart, we liked the concept of industrial scale, you had a specialism in AI and HPC and were located within the UK Innovation Corridor near Cambridge.

Marc Hamilton, VP Solutions Architecture and Engineering, NVIDIA

Options for AI & HPC

From companies like Speechmatics leading the field in speech recognition, Instadeep pioneering decision making systems, or our fintech clients undertaking quant research - Kao Data is the perfect home for all manner of AI and HPC workloads:

Technology Suites

Data Centre Racks


Our AI and HPC Technology Suites, all NVIDIA DGX-Ready certified, are designed to support intensive, high density loads of 1100kW or 2200kW. Each format is deployed across either 4,500 or 9,000 sq ft of OCP-Ready, column free, slab-floored technical space. Whether it's racks of up to 40kW air-cooled, or liquid-cooled cabinets supporting Generative AI workloads, we are specialists at industrial scale AI.

  • Concurrently maintainable, Tier 3 equivalent, PUE 1.2
  • Air-cooled or liquid cooled installations
  • ISO certified, NVIDIA DGX-Ready, OCP-Ready
  • All deployments compute modelled using CFD analysis.

Private Cages

Build to suit cage


For rapid growth AI startups, our private cages are perfect for mid-sized (approx 34+ rack) deployments. These can be provided with extra security such as biometric verification locks and CCTV and can be customised with a mix of hardware, densities and cooling methods. All private cages benefit from the same IT environments and associated efficiencies as offered within our Technology Suites.

  • Tier 3 equivalent, concurrently maintainable AI and HPC
  • Dedicated, secure, caged environments
  • ISO certified, OCP-Ready, NVIDIA DGX-Ready
  • Specialist AI and HPC in-house customer implementation.

Individual Racks

Rack server close-up image


Working with our in-house retail colocation partner (ServerChoice) we provide hosting for individual racks, and at varying densities. Unless requested, these are housed at our award-winning KLON-01 data centre on our Harlow campus. Racks are housed within hot-aisle containment formats ensuring efficient cooling, keeping the data hall PUE at 1.2.

  • Quarter, half and full racks - whatever you need
  • Varying power densities, from 1-20 kW
  • Tier 3 equivalent, concurrently maintainable colocation
  • Free hardware relocation and flexible commercial terms.

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With Kao Data we have found a data centre that offers world-class infrastructure, specialist HPC support and the scalability to help us grow our industry-leading AI product platforms and solutions.

Karim Beguir, CEO & Co-Founder, InstaDeep

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