31 Jul 2020

Kao Data taking part in a DCD cooling IT webinar, sponsored by Iceotope

Chassis level immersion - how is this technology different and what’s driving adoption?

Kao Data is delighted to be taking part in a cutting edge DCD technology webinar on cooling IT and in particular chassis level immersion, kindly sponsored by Iceotope. The webinar takes place on 5th August between 10-11am GMT. Speakers on the webinar include:

The data explosion has brought with it multiple problems in data center cooling, and many see liquid cooling as the answer to combating these issues. This session brings together the above group industry leaders to discuss the factors driving the adoption of liquid cooling, from their own perspectives and experiences.

Through a series of connected presentations, you can hear the background of Schneider’s interest in liquid cooling and the thinking behind the decision to partner with Iceotope. Gain insight into the problems that liquid cooling has the capacity to address and the incentive for the industry to adopt it. Learn about the specific cooling challenges in colocation and how chassis-level cooling can overcome them. And lastly, find out how Iceotope’s technology is different from other solutions and the reasons behind the development of chassis level immersion.

More information and to register: https://www.datacenterdynamics...


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