Data Centres and the Rise of Digital Economies

Kao Data Campus offers a resilient, secure and scalable location for the management of digital assets for life sciences, banking, media and hyperscale cloud providers.

Data has become a critical business asset. Properly mined and processed, data can unlock new revenue streams whilst increasing efficiencies of processes. Data centres have become the digital factories of the data driven era. Financial services, life sciences, broadcast, gaming and media companies are all investing billions of pounds in digital platforms for their businesses. As the demands of these industries, and the associated new technologies grow, the need for agile, flexible, scalable state-of-the-art facilities increase.

Financial Services

In the banking sector, retail financial services are responding to increased cutomer demands for instant app based always on access to funds and credit. Financial service providers across the sector routinely generate and analyse market data on an exascale level by building forecasting models while executing millions of transactions each day.

All are exploring and deploying the latest in big data and analytics technologies, building AI and ML models and using data science methods to measure and manage risk. Financial services are increasingly turning to the commercial data centre sector to supply robust, scalable, high performance and efficient physical infrastructure solutions.

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Hyperscale Cloud

Hyperscale cloud providers continue to open new locations in response to booming demand for ever better customer experience. Whether serving the running of enterprise workloads on public clouds or supporting businesses serving billions of consumers with an app, the experience is expected to be the same – instant and secure. That is why hyperscale cloud companies are building their regional and local edges in commercial data centres.

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Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals, bio-engineering and environmental sciences are among the life sciences companies experiencing exponential growth in data use. Field work data capture which has already been accelerated through the use of drones will experience an explosion of multilateral data transport as IoT is rolled out in agriculture, energy management, biometrics and environmental management. This is driving demand for modern data centre solutions.

How are Life Sciences firms and organisations using data centres as they generate and interrogate vast pools of data to meet the world’s biggest challenges.

Media & Broadcast

Few businesses are undergoing such rapid digital disruption as those in broadcasting, media and entertainment. The business case for traditional broadcasters and cable companies is simple. Move to digital infrastructure or risk losing it all to OTT players whose businesses target digital video at consumers on a one to one model. In the process, OTT players harvest vast amounts of data about their customer’s behaviour and predict, create and target content to meet new consumer demand. With all the growth in traditional media content coming from streaming services, digital media companies are seeking to build partner ecosystems which need digital platforms for the creation, management, transport and delivery of content. Traditional and new internet born media companies need high performance infrastructure, robust connectivity and stable storage to economically support petabytes of archived digital video being created and distributed to ever hungry audiences. Commercial data centres are the new broadcast centres.

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