Financial Services Data Centres

Meeting the challenges for an industry in transformation

Across the financial services industry, new alternatives are being explored to the traditional data centre ownership strategies. Financial service companies are looking to the cloud and the MTDC market as they seek the right partners to house, host and manage their physical IT infrastructure.

Customer demand for more seamless services, new increasingly agile entrants into the market, more robust regulatory environments as well as the sheer volume of data that needs to be managed, are all factors driving ICT strategy changes across the financial services sector.

The core banking systems of traditional national and international banking goliaths were historically built up over decades of owned managed data centres and IT platforms. In order to remain relevant to an increasingly diverse customer base, the changing dynamics of the sector have forced incumbent players to re-examine their business models, explore different solutions in deploying the latest big data analytics technologies, as well as building AI and ML models and using data science methods to measure and manage risk. Investment banks, asset management houses, debt and equity capital market players, routinely generate and analyse market data at Exascale levels by building models and executing millions of transactions each day.

As markets become increasingly disrupted with competition between and from challengers and new providers, financial services players are looking for modern, flexible and highly connected data centres to host new services which can be developed, deployed and operated more quickly than ever before. The shifting dynamics of the industry means that both the digitally native and the traditional incumbent providers, have a common requirement for highly secure, flexible, robust third-party data centre infrastructure which can scale.

As banks and financial services companies are being challenged to decide where the value lies in the different infrastructure layers of the technology stack, they are increasingly looking to the right partners for the most cost effective physical data centre infrastructure solutions. Kao Data London One data centre offers the perfect location for any incumbent or challenger organisation to locate their vital IT infrastructure. An agile approach, extremely high guaranteed service levels, efficient operations and flexible offerings mean companies seeking data centre solutions that can scale with them as they grow should speak with Kao Data.


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