Kao Data’s colocation expertise is built on decades of experience providing customers with flexibility across the infrastructure layer and removing inefficiencies to create hyperscale inspired data centres.

These economies-of-scale and technological advantages, historically associated with hyperscale facilities, are available to Kao Data’s clients of all shapes and sizes whether you are needing to deploy 10 or 1,000 racks.

And, if you're a startup uncertain as to whether to choose cloud or colocation, download our whitepaper for more details.

Data centre racks in a data centre hall

Kao Data’s OCP-Ready facility in Harlow and their technical expertise in high density computing made them a clear choice to deploy the first Civo cloud in the region.

Mark Boost, CEO, Civo

Why Kao Data?

Highest Calibre

ISO certified Technology Suites providing concurrently maintainable colocation and 100% uptime.

Customisable Solutions

From 1,000 racks for the world’s largest cloud operators, to single racks for startups - we’re here to help.


Modern, ultra-energy efficient Technology Suites offering SLA-backed PUEs at 1.2 reduce your total cost of operations.


All our colocation is powered by 100% renewable energy (attributed to a specific UK asset) and backed-up by 100% sustainable HVO fuel.

Award-winning Support

Deployments are overseen by an award-winning operations team, providing ticketed, 24/7 remote hands support.

Safe and Secure

All Technology Suites at Kao Data are protected by the latest security procedures and protocols, and monitored 24/7/365.

Kao Data provided a thorough, detailed and consultative approach, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the needs of life sciences. They also give us the ability to quickly scale within a single campus, which is another key benefit in this data-driven environment.

Steven Newhouse, Former Head of Technical Services, EMBL-EBI

Colocation Options

The traditional range of options for our clients is shown below, however if you have a particular requirement that doesn’t look like it’s listed here, get in touch. Customising our data centre space to fit is something we specialise in.

Technology Suites

Empty data centre hall


Our Technology Suites are designed to support enterprise loads of 1100kW or 2200kW. Each format is deployed across either 4,500 or 9,000 sq ft of OCP-Ready, column free, technical space. Kao Data's basis of design provides the highest calibre IT environments that meets or exceeds the operational efficiency of many existing hyperscale data centres. Plus, with ultra-efficient infrastructure we keep PUE at an SLA-backed 1.2.

  • Tier 3 equivalent, concurrently maintainable colocation
  • ISO certified, OCP-Ready, NVIDIA DGX-Ready
  • Flexible, customisable capacity for up to 442 racks
  • Industry-leading remote and smart hands support.

Private Cages

Kao branded data centre cage


For mid-sized (approx 34+ rack) deployments, we provide private caged areas which can be fully customised. Additional security such as dedicated biometric verification locks and CCTV can also be added. All requirements are managed by our in-house experts and private cages benefit from the same IT environments and associated efficiencies as offered within our Technology Suites.

  • Tier 3 equivalent, concurrently maintainable colocation
  • Ultra secure, private caged environments with optional security layers
  • ISO certified, OCP-Ready, NVIDIA DGX-Ready
  • Experienced, in-house customer implementation.

Individual Racks

Close-up of rack servers


Working with our in-house retail colocation partner (ServerChoice) we provide hosting for individual racks, and at varying densities. Unless requested, these are housed at our award-winning KLON-01 data centre on our Harlow campus. Racks are housed within hot-aisle containment formats ensuring efficient cooling, keeping the data hall PUE at 1.2.

  • Quarter, half and full racks - whatever you need
  • Varying power densities, from 1-20 kW
  • Tier 3 equivalent, concurrently maintainable colocation
  • Free hardware relocation and flexible commercial terms.

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portrait of Paul Finch, COO and CTO of Kao Data, in a grey suit looking directly at the camera with a greenscreen behind him

According to the Uptime Institute human error accounts for 75% of downtime within a data centre. By ensuring our management, operations and compliance are running at the highest levels - and crucially are independently audited by the industry’s leading standard bearer - we can help maintain Kao Data’s record of providing 100% uptime to our customers.

Paul Finch, CTO, Kao Data

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