Super fast, secure connectivity on major carrier networks

Kao Data Campus is built on the site of the birthplace of modern fibre optic technology, and was named in honor of Sir Charles Kao, electrical engineer and physicist who pioneered the development of fiber-optic telecommunications.

This heritage is reflected in the importance Kao Data puts in offering customers the widest breadth of infrastructure choices through it’s continuously expanding partnership base with carriers and operators. Delivering on our commitment to offer low-latency, high-speed and resilient connectivity solutions to our customers.

With diverse high-density fibre routes connecting the European Tier 1 markets of Amsterdam and Dublin, as well as direct connectivity to the Equinix LD5 facility in Slough, and Telehouse in Docklands, Kao Data Campus offers high availability, low latency fibre routes with cost effective pricing structures.

Kao Data Campus has four points of fibre entry into the campus, investment in diverse duct infrastructure, as well as the availability of dark fibre, offers carriers and service providers the opportunity to connect to the campus with ease.

Kao Data’s partnership with Ai Networks and London Internet Exchange (LINX) provides peering through the LINX network and offers access to over 820 member ASN’s from over 75 countries. LINX members located on the campus will benefit from improved routing control, increased capacity and redundancy, as well as the capability to peer with LINX’s global membership and its dual peering LANs, LON1 and LON2.


Cert No. 16950 EMS-001, ISO 14001:2015
Cert No. 16950 OHS-001, ISO 45001:2018
Cert No. 16950 QMS-001, ISO 19001:2015
Cert No. 16950 ISN-001, ISO 27001:2013

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