Data Centre

Taking advantage of the latest developments in data centre design, Kao Data provides its customers with a platform to deliver highly efficient IT architecture in an environment that fully adheres to volume server warrantees. The facility enables customers to drive their business models forward, whilst offering the flexibility and capability to deliver massive scalability, which is essential in the world of service hosting and ICT interconnectivity.

With concurrently maintainable site infrastructure, Kao Data supports customers’  highest physical and digital security and stability requirements. Each data centre utilises world class software for Power Monitoring (PMS), Building Management (BMS) and physical infrastructure (DCIM), together with world leading business management software for continuous real-time analysis. Kao has implemented a dynamic portal providing customers with complete transparency of critical facility operations.

Kao Data Campus is powered by a specifically designed and installed UK Power Networks (UKPN) 33kV/11Kv supply with redundant radial circuits and transformers. The data centres provide consistent energy delivery and guaranteed 99.999% uptime. Together with climate control infrastructure utilising Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC) Units, the Kao Data Campus is designed for highly energy efficient operations.

The data centre campus is situated on the former Nortel compound in Harlow – fittingly the birthplace of fibre technology and now home to a technology business park. In close proximity to major transport infrastructure, the area is a major focal point for innovation.